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Getting around York

On Foot
City walls surround the historic center of York. The whole section of the city inside these walls is an auto-free zone that is only for pedestrian, bicycle and emergency vehicle traffic during the day between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. This makes the center of York a walker's dream. This is where the vast majority of the sights in the city are, so it is wonderful for tourists to be able to walk between attractions in an air of tranquility.

Renting a Car
There are several rental car agencies in York, so it is no problem to find a rental car. Visitors can pick one up right at the airport when they arrive. However, renting a car to drive in York is a decision that most travelers regret wholeheartedly. The city is an ancient one, so the roads were all designed for foot, horse and oxen traffic. These narrow lanes are a nightmare for drivers to navigate. Not to mention the fact that the parking situation in York is nightmarish at best. The prices for parking will eat a hole in the fattest travel budget. Those that drive into York will be best served by leaving their cars in the hotel parking lot for the duration of their stays.

The bus is the main form of public transportation in York. It is an extensive bus network that covers the entire city very efficiently, but the cost of riding the bus in York is much more expensive than most other cities in the UK.

There are not a lot of taxis in York. It is hard to find one to flag down. There are some taxi stands in the city, but they are few and far between. Those who want to make use of a taxi during a trip to York will do best to programs a couple of cab companies' numbers in their phones. Calling for a taxi is oftentimes the only way to get one in York.

York is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the UK. Of course they are the fastest way to get around the York City center because it is shut off to vehicle traffic. They are also great for getting around the rest of the city. All the major roads have bike lanes and most of the secondary roads do as well. There are many bike rental shops located around the city.

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