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Special Events in York

Literature Festival
The York Literature Festival is an annual event that celebrates all aspects of literature. From spoken word and cinema through to classic plays, there is no one work of literature from the area's history left uncovered.

Guided tours of literary hot spots are also featured as part of the festivities that normally run from March to April each year. Some works of local historical authors are featured, which include poet
W.H. Auden.

Yorkshire Medieval Festival
This festival is hosted by the York Archaeological Trust in conjunction with the Jorik Viking center. The aim is to create a true to history medieval experience for locals and visitors alike.

Special events within this festival include re-enactments, falconry and scaled activities for children. The interactive history aspect makes this event a family friendly way to enjoy York.

Saint Nicholas Fayre
This annual and historical event takes place between November and December. Visitors get to see the sights in the area that are covered in lights as they are entertained by an old world Christmas theme.

Market vendors line the streets with special Christmas wares, while live music and decorated Christmas trees are placed around the area. Carol singers and buskers are also part of the celebration.

Jorvik Viking Festival
Historical re-enactments are the center of this special event every year in February. Traditional Viking feasts, weddings and combat displays make this an educational celebration for the whole family. Hosted by the local Jorvik Viking Center and museum, the goal is to celebrate as well as educate the public on York's Viking past.

Visitors get the chance to be interactive with Viking history during the weeklong festival. Participation in sword fighting, strength and the closing Festival of Fire are all encouraged.

Illuminating York
This non-historical special event focuses on the modern aspect of digital artistry. Large lighting art installations are displayed in the area, along with the lighted decoration of local landmarks.

The entire York area is on full light display during this time and shops and local venues stay open through the night to accommodate visitors to the festival. This is an annual event held in October and is open to artists for display purposes. Hosted by the City of York Council in conjunction with Science City York and University of York.

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