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Attractions in York

The Jorvik Viking Centre is certainly one of York's most visited attractions. Jorvik is a complete reconstruction of a millennium old Viking village whose remains were excavated on the actual site where the Viking Centre stands today. In 1976, the York Archaeological Trust discovered the remains of an ancient Viking village. The Viking Centre was built to allow visitors to experience what it was really like to live during the Viking period. Visitors can explore old Viking homes and workshops as well as view displays of objects unearthed by archaeologists.

One of the finest railroad museums in the world is located at York's National Railway Museum. This fantastic museum houses a collection of nearly one million items from the history of railroads all across the globe. Here the visitor will find artwork depicting trains as well as old advertising posters and other train memorabilia. One of the most fascinating sections of museum is the Great Hall where over 100 locomotives are on display. Visitors can tour examples of the first locomotives to modern versions like the bullet train.

The Yorkshire Museum is noted for its collection of objects dating back to the Roman occupation of Britain. Visitors to the museum can walk on a mosaic, tile floor from the time of the Romans. The Yorkshire Museum also displays objects from prehistoric Britain and the Saxon period in addition to objects of importance throughout the history of the British Isles. Also of note is the museum's garden containing the ruins of an old Roman fort and the ruins of St. Mary's Abbey originally constructed in the 1080's.

Dominating the skyline for miles in every direction is York Minister. York Minister is the seat of the Archbishop of York and is the church of second highest status in England next to Canterbury Cathedral. Construction of this fabulous example of Gothic architecture began in 1220 and reached completion in 1440. The cathedral is noted for its magnificent stained glass windows, which include the Great East Window and the Rose Window. York Minister has a wonderful tradition of outstanding choral music. Plan to attend a choral evensong service. It is sure to be a high point of any trip to York.

The York Art Museum is a two-story gallery housing a variety of work including paintings, sculptures and pottery. The museum is noted for its collection of paintings by the Yorkshire artist, William Etty.

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